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The Procedures Course©

Learn how to perform complex, life, limb & sight saving procedures

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About The Course


The Procedures Course is a 2 day course that will teach you how to confidently perform a wide range of basic and complex resuscitative procedures. It is a collaboration between The Alfred Trauma Unit, Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre, National Trauma Research Institute and Monash University. It comprises phase 1 of the Alfred Shock, Trauma & Resuscitation Program (A-S.T.A.R) which focuses primarily on procedural skills. 

The course will be held at the Melbourne University Anatomy Lab, located in the heart of Melbourne, offering state of the art labs and classrooms for procedural teaching on fresh, un-embalmed, donor cadavers. 

Sessions will have a heavy emphasis on acquiring hands-on skills for the management of the multiply injured complex trauma patient.

Procedures will include:  

  • Surgical airway (cricothyroidotomy)

  • Orbital decompression (lateral canthotomy and cantholysis)

  • Pleural decompression (finger thoracostomy and pleural drainage)

  • Vascular access (MAC line / RIC line / Intraosseous access)

  • Temporary trans-venous cardiac pacing

  • Pericardial decompression (including resuscitative thoracotomy)

  • Retrieval limb amputation

  • Escharotomy

  • Resuscitative hysterotomy 



The Schedule

A fully immersive syllabus in life, limb and sight saving resuscitative procedures

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Our Expert Faculty


Based at The Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre, our faculty are a specialist group of Australia’s leading experts in the management of critically ill patients

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